What is Electrolysis

Unwanted hair can be permanently removed using diathermy or blend techniques.  
(Please note that fine downy hairs are not suitable for electrolysis treatment)

Areas that can be treated:
  • Chin, neck, lip, side of face
  • Straggly eyebrow hairs
  • Odd hairs on breasts 
  • Individual hairs prone to ingrowing on bikini line or legs  
  • Surgical sites for transgender clients.  
  • Hairs in moles (with GP written consent).
During treatment a probe matched to the size of the hair is gently inserted into the hair follicle alongside the hair, a small amount of energy is then released.  This begins to cauterise the blood supply feeding the hair.  Treatment will need to be repeated multiple times and requires patience, perseverance and regular commitment from both practitioner and client.

Diathermy is a quicker technique and suitable for most hairs and clients. Blend is more often used to treat hormonal hair growth, very deep hairs and distorted follicles, this is a slightly slower technique but can prove to be more comfortable and successful in these cases.

During the consultation information about your current health and before photos of the treatment area will be taken.  The treatment and aftercare instructions will be explained, a patch test completed where appropriate and an individual treatment plan will be discussed.

If you are interested in learning more about this treatment
please book a consultation.