About WY Electrolysis Clinic

Wendy Yvonne Electrolysis Clinic is based at Green Podiatry & Chiropody in Brixworth, Northamptonshire.

I specialised in Electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures after many years experience as a beauty therapist and salon owner

I was trained in the latest techniques by top industry professionals at the Sterex Academy in 2015 and I gained a VTCT level four in Advanced epilation techniques in 2016.

I took the IISHCA (International Institute of Skin Health and Clinical Aesthetics) certificate in Advanced Skin Science in 2019 gaining a distinction.  

I undertook specialist transgender electrolysis training in August 2022 and was added to the NHS list of registered providers of electrolysis at the beginning of May 2023.  

I have been a member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysists since 2015 after completing both a written and practical assessment.  As a BIAE member I undertake yearly CPD to  update my knowledge and skills.

During your first visit you can expect to receive a thorough consultation and a small patch test where possible, aftercare advice and product will be provided.

I take a gentle methodical approach ensuring that skin integrity is not being compromised as much as possible during treatment. I believe that safety and accuracy are more important than speed. 

Please note that I am not a dermatologist or medical professional.
I will only treat skin blemishes that I am able to confidently identify within the limits of my training.
If you are worried about a new or existing skin blemish then please contact your GP.